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Doug Anderson

Principal Hydrologist


Principal Engineering Hydrologist at PSM, Doug Anderson has over 18 years’ experience in his field.  Doug’s primary areas of practice include hydrogeology, hydrogeological site characterization, data management, geo-spatial data analysis, programming, workflow automation, and numerical modelling.

Other special interests

Doug likes to work with engineers, scientists and clients to help tackle projects with challenging water issues. He works with available multi-disciplinary datasets to identify gaps in data and to develop process understanding which he obtains through data analyses and the outcomes of modelling work. Doug has a passion for optimising, planning and supporting the management of development activities in aquifers to benefit both his clients and broader societal development.


Doug completed his Bachelor of Environmental Engineering degree at UNSW in 2000 with honours, followed by a Masters of Engineering Science in Groundwater Studies, also at UNSW, in 2001. Subsequently he has obtained experience in a broad range of geological environments working both in Australia and overseas.


Doug’s fields of special competence include:

  • Information management
  • Computer programming
  • Geo-spatial data analysis
  • Groundwater flow and transport modelling (FEFLOW)
  • Water resources development, policy and management
  • Hydrogeological site characterisation and monitoring