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Matthew Lowing

Principal Geotechnical Engineer


Principal Geotechnical Engineering at PSM, Matthew Lowing has over 20 years’ experience in civil infrastructure design and construction, water resource engineering, tunnel construction, geotechnical site investigation embankment and open-pit mining operations and management.

Matt has undertaken projects specialising in several aspects of water resource engineering, including embankment dam construction and pipeline construction, tunnel construction, the quantification of hydrogeological inflows into tunnels as well as geotechnical site investigations. These range from small to large-scale industrial developments and large open-pit mines to road investigations and design in Australia and Indonesia.


Matt was appointed designers’ representative for construction of stage 1 at a tailing storage facility. He also acted as designers’ representative for construction of the water detention embankment and haul road crossing at Copper Gully Creek.


Matt has contributed to several technical journals and professional conferences in his field of expertise.


Matt’s fields of competence include:

  • Embankment dam construction and surveillance
  • Open-pit mining operations including management of small to large field programs, test programs, instrumentation and design studies
  • Assessment of hydrogeological inflows in tunnels, ground deformation and associated effects on infrastructure and structures
  • Civil infrastructure design and construction.