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Steven Pells

Principal Hydrologist


Steven is a Principal Water Engineer at Pells Sullivan Meynink with 17 years’ experience in civil hydraulics, hydrology and groundwater studies.

Steven maintains a persistent fascination with water dynamics, and his particular specialisation is in applying water engineering principles to geotechnical and civil engineering problems, whether in water resources, mining, environmental, dams, groundwater or civil design.

In 2016, Steven completed PhD studies at the University of New South Wales, examining erosion and scour within chutes and channels, with particular focus on rock materials in dam spillways.  He remains keenly involved with the development of tools and research for improving our ability to predict scour and erosion.

Other special interests

Steven maintains an ongoing interest in emerging technologies, and their potential applications to civil engineering, such as instrumentation systems for laboratory or environmental monitoring or possibilities that future computing power may provide in the fields of hydrodynamics and rock mechanics.

Steven remains interested in the developing field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) in improving engineering investigations, through aerial photography and or photogrammetric analysis. He has strong capability in GIS analysis and is interested in the use of 3D analysis and visualisation, and future possibilities of virtual and augmented reality technology in engineering.


Steven has authored and co-authored over 30 papers in various fields of civil engineering, including hydraulics, hydrology, groundwater and rock mechanics.   He undertakes adjunct lecturing on open channel flows and river systems at Sydney University.  Steven remains engaged with research in hydraulic design and scour / erosion within the dams engineering community and in groundwater studies, through the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH).


Steven’s field of special competence include:

  • Hydraulics of Open Channels, Spillways and River Systems
  • Assessment & Design of Hydraulic Structures, & Scale Physical Models
  • Dams & Dam Saftey
  • Scour & Erosion in Chutes & Spillways
  • Hydrology, Water Resources & Flooding
  • Groundwater Modelling & Groundwater Investigations
  • Water Resources Management & Impact Relating to Mining & Mine Effects
  • Coastal Structures
  • Specialist GIS Analysis
  • UAV Surveys