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Geotechnical advice, Cosmo Gold Mine, Northern Territory, Australia


The Cosmo underground mine targets gold-bearing lodes in the Cosmo/Howley corridor southeast of Darwin. Although the mine is currently developed to around 500 m, the resource encompasses mineralisation to approximately 655 m below the natural ground surface.

PSM was engaged to inspect the site and provide operational geotechnical advice following a fall of ground which had damaged a remotely-operated bogger.


engineering AND technical OPPORTUNITIES

Limited opportunities for gathering data led to the need for careful observation and judgement.

Approach and innovatioNS

Following rigorous assessment and modelling, PSM provided timely and practical advice to control risk to the operation, machinery and personnel, and improve mining practice.


PSM’s advice for rock support and mining operations will help Cosmo Gold Mine control the ongoing geotechnical risk to the mine and personnel.

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