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PSM develops the safety dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP)

Over the past year, PSM has developed a modified version of the conventional dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP), known as the safety DCP (SDCP). This project was motivated by a finger crush injury to a PSM geotechnical engineer in 2017, as well as similar injuries over many years.

The design of the SDCP differs substantially from the conventional version in that the anvil is fully enclosed by the hammer. This modification eliminates the risk of finger crush injuries. A prototype SDCP, which was trialled for six months, proved popular amongst its users. A controlled site trial between a conventional DCP and the SDCP has also been undertaken to verify consistency and repeatability of results.

PSM will present their not-for-profit project at the 2019 ANZ Geomechanics Conference in Perth, where the design and shop drawings will be made available for free to interested parties.

PSM contact: Strath Clarke.