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PSM stars at ANZ2019

PSM Stars at ANZ2019

This week, PSM showcased our technical leadership at the 13th Australia and New Zealand Conference on Geomechanics in Perth. PSM authored 14 of 180 accepted papers. This was the highest number of papers by any one organisation at the conference and by all accounts the presentations were outstanding amongst their peers.

Of the four relevant prizes on offer, PSM took out two awards;

  • The Best Paper was awarded to PSM’s Strath Clarke and
  • The Best Paper (YP) High Commendation was awarded to PSM’s James Watton.

Following is a full listing of the papers presented by PSM at ANZ2019 reflecting our dedication to technical excellence applied to projects around the globe.

List of PSM papers presented at ANZ2019

Collapse of the Old Pacific Highway, Piles Creek, Somersby; S.J. Clarke, G. Mostyn & B. Shen

Development of a Safety Dynamic Cone Penetrometer; S.J. Clarke

Excavation directly beneath a heritage building with tight settlement limits, Sydney CBD; M.L. Teoh, J.C.W. Toh & G. Fowlie

Site investigations and numerical modelling for a major warehouse development in Melbourne; Y. Bai & A.Salim

A cliff regression model to estimate boulder generation rate, and the travel distance distribution of boulder falls for quantitative risk assessment downslope of a cliff, Sydney Australia ; D.Piccolo & G.Mostyn

Engineering geological modelling of the Archean – Cenozoic unconformity in the Pilbara and  implications to open pit slope design; D.J. Hemraj

Geotechnical management of large scale slope deformations at the Teal Gold Project, WA;  J.W. Watton & M.J. Fowler

Ground Response due to temporary pillar removal in motorway caverns in Sydney sandstone; M. Salcher, T. Nash, A. de Ambrosis & C. Grabham

Transmission Gully Bridge 20 Temporary Works; S.J. Clarke, T.Rutherford, M. Salcher, M. Habte & C.McColgan

Application of the method of manufactured solutions in code verification in geomechanics; O. Ghaffaripour, A. Khoshghalb & K. Zamani

Torlesse rock mass classification system and structural regimes for rock engineering – Wellington, New Zealand; R. Cammack, M.J. Eggers, B. Rouvray & T.Rutherford

Foundation analysis and ground improvement for industrial high-bay warehouse developments; M. Haertsch, G. Mostyn & A. Salim

Incorporation of the stabilising effects of soil suction in railway embankments; G. Swarbrick, W. Piper & N. Khalili

Deterioration of sandstones and shales in Sydney tunnels; T. Nash, R. Bertuzzi & A. de Ambrosis

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