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Innovative civil engineering designs

Targeted, cost-effective and innovative solutions for complex problems from residential and industrial developments to major transport infrastructure:

  • Investigation and interpretation
  • Design and analysis
  • Construction support
  • Legal and forensic expert advice
  • Private, government, contractor, developer, asset owner and legal clients.


Investigation and interpretation

Targeted investigation and interpretation:

  • Subsurface investigation including boreholes, in situ testing and geophysics
  • Geological mapping
  • Engineering geology and geotechnical Interpretation
  • Forensic investigations
  • Dilapidation and condition surveys
  • Risk and hazard assessments.

investigation and interpretation

Design and analysis

Innovative designs using rigorous analysis:

  • Earthworks and excavations
  • Retention systems, including ground anchors and retaining walls
  • Foundations, including piling
  • Slope stabilisation and management
  • Pavements
  • Soft soil engineering
  • Groundwater.

Innovative designs using rigorous analysis

Construction support

Ensuring timely completion of your project:

  • Temporary works design
  • Geological mapping and design verification
  • Geotechnical monitoring system design, installation and execution
  • Advanced geological data capture and modelling
  • Earthworks supervision
  • Operational risk and asset management.

construction support

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