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Industry leading mining services

Industry leaders in mining excavation geotechnical design.

Innovative and practical engineering solutions in geology, mining, hydrogeology, geomorphology and seismic environments.

Experience in all major resource types in Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Central and South America.

Expertise in:

  • Open cut and underground mines
  • Mine closure
  • Dewatering and depressurisation
  • Sound and practical designs based on rigorous geotechnical models and advanced modelling techniques to optimise mining outcomes.


Open Cut

Practical, customised solutions for viable operations and optimum mining outcomes:

  • Site investigation with a focus on pit slope requirements
  • Development of accurate geotechnical models
  • Soil and rock engineering
  • Stability analyses and slope design
  • Assessment of probability and risk
  • Assessment of interaction between open pit and infrastructure or underground mine
  • Slope remediation
  • Monitoring of pit slope
  • Design, monitoring and remediation of waste dumps
  • Dewatering and depressurisation of pit slope
  • Investigation and design of mine infrastructure foundations.

open cut mining



Efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to ground conditions:

  • Concept development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk-based underground access and extraction design
  • Rock interpretation and mechanics
  • Operational support
  • Identification of potential large failure mechanisms and systematic issues
  • Reviews and site visits.

underground access and extraction


Mine Closure

A multi-disciplinary approach to all technical aspects of mine closure:

  • Complex closure issues or investigations
  • Surface water management
  • Final pit wall stability and earth works
  • Hazard and risk assessments
  • Post-mining land use
  • Mine waste management and containment systems.

mine closure technical aspects

Dewatering and Depressurisation

Cost-effective and viable solutions to manage groundwater and maintain slope stability:

  • Water control and hydrogeological assessment
  • Baseline studies
  • Groundwater supply investigations
  • Groundwater-surface water studies
  • Numerical groundwater flow and transport modelling
  • Management and monitoring plans
  • Aquifer interface evaluation
  • Auditing and due diligence.

groundwater and slope stability maintenance

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