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Women in Earth Sciences Symposium

In November 2019, PSM Principal Engineering Geologist Megan Packer and Engineering Geologist Victoria Robbins attended the Dorothy Hill Symposium at the University of Queensland for Women in Earth Sciences. This symposium intends to connect leaders in the Earth and Environmental Sciences in both academia and industry with early career researchers and students looking to study Earth and Environmental Sciences. 

Megan presented a poster on Sydney Metro – the role of structural geology in risk assessment and engineering design to protect existing infrastructure that showcased the application of geology to civil infrastructure to emphasise this potential career path for geology and geoscience students and academics.  

The poster highlighted the practical application of structural geology in understanding potential geotechnical mechanisms associated with large scale shaft excavations as part of new Sydney Metro inner-city stations.  This included how structural geology was used to develop geotechnical engineering models which in turn determined the requirements for excavation reinforcement to ensure support of existing buildings located adjacent to these new deep shaft excavations.

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